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Open Day
Helsinki Hacklab Open Day
Type of Conference
Start 2010/21/3
Venue: Ptarmigan
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland

Helsinki Hacklab hosts monthly events, Open Days, as a public outreach effort. It aims to introduce DIY mentality, electronics, hardware hacking and so on, to any one interested. Member recruitment is naturally part of this effort :)

Previous events

Second Open Day

Open One

Helsinki Hacklab arranges the first Open Projects day. We present various electronic, art, and related projects, and arrange a public Arduino workshop where you can get hands-on experience in building and programming a simple microcontroller based electronic device. We also present Helsinki Hacklab activity. More detailed program will be available closer to the event.

This is a free event open to anyone interested in electronic projects, electronic art, open hardware, and general tinkering. You can also bring your own project to show to others. The event will be held on Saturday 30.1.2010, 14-20, at Ptarmigan art space, Nilsiänkatu 10, Helsinki


If you have a project you are willing to present at Open One, please add your name below.

Project Creator P
Theremin(s) dah
At least simple BEAM-bots and possibly even simpler things Karttu (P?)
Analog sequencer and MIDI controller / trigger Basscadet P

P - audience can participate and make their own creations

See the page for the planning meeting: Open what?