Open what?

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Open what?
Open What?
Type of Workshop
Start 2009/12/8
Venue: Ptarmigan
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Event in series Open Anything

Doors open at 19.00. Address: Nilsiänkatu 10, Vallila, Helsinki

In case of anything, you can call Elmo: 050 5496966

The event is an informal get-together of interested parties. The main objective is to further define the nature and content of the planned open workshop event Open One, but everything hackerly is appropriate.

The art space Ptarmigan had an idea of a monthly event where, according to the theme, anyone could show their projects and discuss with others knowledgeable in the theme subject. The first planned theme had something to do with hobby electronics, if I understood correctly.

After a brief meeting between Ptarmigan, Koelse member and two haklab members and the Founder of the Arduino user group on facebook and, we decided to merge the planned Arduino event in Helsinki and to host the event (at least conceptually) under the hub of Helsinki HakLab. If some of you don't agree, please chime in.

So, in the spirit of the name, let's list what the first event could comprise of (with possible presenters). In the meeting we should decide what to leave to later events, if necessary, but now everything goes:

  • Definitely Arduino-based physical computing
    • People in the Arduino user group
  • Kits sold by and
  • Something from the book Sulautetut
    • Is the writer interested?
  • BEAM Robotics (

Moreover, if anybody has any nice project (preferably DIY) to show us, please feel free to bring them with you, although such exhibitions are not yet the main agenda of this meeting. (But just for the side-dishes!)