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/* HackLabeja suomessa - Hackerspaces in Finland */
* [ Tampere - 5w]
* [ Lappeenranta - Laphack]
* [ Hacklab Turku]
* [ Hacklab Jyväskylä]
Katso myös [[Tilat]], jossa listattu myös muita vastaavia tiloja ja ryhmiä.
Tämän sivuston on tarkoitus toimia suomen laajuisena yhteistyöalustana kaikelle hakkeroinnille (kuten rakentelulle) ja kotina erilaisille [[Projektit|projekteille]], [[Calendar|tapahtumille]], ryhmille ja HackLabeille. Tällä hetkellä [[Helsinki HackLab]] asustaa tässä wikissä, ja materiaali on jokseenkin Helsinki-keskeistä koska ylläpitäjät ovat pääkaupunkiseudulta.
p6xfdh <a href="= English ==Hacklabs Finland is a loose organization of the different [">odeayjpidzws<org/hackerspaces] in Finland.  Hackerspaces are physical places where people can meet to learn, socialise and collaborate on projects, as well as share knowledge, tools and material (especially recycled material). A hackerspace can also be a>kind of hub connecting different groups and workspaces in addition to being a friendly place for newcomers to try out stuff and connect with all that is happening under the umbrella of technology and arts. Don't be scared if this sounds too vague or somehow off putting in it's generality. If what you need is just a place to realise your project idea, [url=httpthen please, come. After all, a hackerspace is defined by it's participants, not some introductional text in a wiki ;) A more elaborate description in finnish://wkjepzkdluvl[[Esittely]] Check also [[Sanastoa|terminology]]  Our goal is to support the formation of new hackerspaces in Finland and provide a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas between existing We provide a [[Mailing List]]wkjepzkdluvland [/url[IRC|IRC Channel]] for general discussion about hackerspaces and related activities in Finland. We will also have a [[Blogs|Blog feed]] that combines the blogs of Finnish hackerspaces, and a [link=http://uasyashwieef[Calendar]] with hackerspace related upcoming events in This wiki can be used to collect any common [[Ohjeita|documentation]uasyashwieef] for Finnish hackerspaces, and also to document [/link[Projektit|Projects]] done in or around hackerspaces. Currently we host Helsinki HackLab here as well. You are welcome to host your roject documentation or hackerspace site here (please discuss on the mailing list), http://lzswaalxfbcbor if that is too restrictive, we recommend hosting your own semantic mediawiki (like and others) so we can semantically connect all the knowledge that is produced in hackerspaces worldwide. the host that we use which is free both as in no money and hassle free :)
== HackLabeja suomessa - Hackerspaces in Finland ==
* [ Tampere - 5w] Status: Starting up
* [ Lappeenranta - Laphack] Status: idea
* [ Jyväskylä - Hacklab JKL] Status: Starting up and soldering away
Hacklabien toimintaa sivuavia ryhmiä: [[Jäsenhankinta]]