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This Hacklabs Finland is a wiki for loose organization of the different [ hackerspaces] in Finland.
We Hacker spaces are just starting physical places where people can meet to migrate to this wikilearn, so see the old sites below for the current statussocialise and collaborate on projects. Of course you are welcome  Our goal is to collaborate support the formation of new hacker spaces in doing the ground work on this wikiFinland and provide a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas between existing ones.
== Hackerspaces in Finland ==
[[Helsinki Häckläb]]* Old address still active: [ Häckläb]* [ Tampere The5thWave]
[[Tampere The5thWave]]* Old address still active: Discussion ==
== Infrastructure ==We have a [ mailing list] for general discussion about hacker spaces in Finland.
* Mailing list** Subscribe at ToDo List ==
* Blog** Own blogs for each hackerspace, an aggregated A combined blog feed / planet to combine themfor all Finnish hacker spaces.
* A common IRCchannel for Finnish hacker spaces.** Helsinki hacklab is considering a move to We are currently evaluating the FreeQuest network, which seems to contain (some other hacklabs too. Tampere hacklab is using freenodehacker spaces also have channels there).