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First name Antti
Member of Helsinki HakLab
Country Finland
City Helsinki
Wants to build Hackerspace in Helsinki (Finland)
Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Helsinki Dah, Elmom

Antti Karttunen, soon launching Helsinki Hacklab together with other people.

  • I know: something about programming. Languages which I either know or admire from the distance: Assembler, C, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Erlang, Forth, Haskell, Python.
  • Also, a little bit of Verilog for FPGA-coding.
  • What I study in the school: mathematics and linguistics. However, the most interesting course, so far that I have attended to was about the apiculture.
  • What I really would like to learn: Electronical engineering. (Electronics).
  • Well, I'm interested about a way too many fields to really master any. Thus, Happy Hacking!

"Geneerinen FPGA-pelikoneeni alkutekijöissään"